B Cops.

B Corp Certification.

The B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

B Corp certified companies are assessed every 3 years on whether they continue to meet the rigorous verified standards and must provide extensive evidence documenting their positive impact.

*BDeals is currently a Pending B Corporation. The Pending B Corp status is designed to give start-ups time to prepare for the rigorous process of full B Corp Certification and signals that a company measures and manages its environmental and social performance with the best tools available.


In addition to using the B Corp certification as a criterion for all our brands, we as a company also want to actively contribute to a better world. By donating 1% of our revenues to the Bridge Schools Project In India every year, we help to combat child labor in Indian factories and contribute to fairer wages and education for young children.

There is a huge demand for cheap labor in India’s polluting clothing industry and it is mainly children from poor families in India who are recruited to work in the dirty factories under harsh conditions. The Bridge Schools Project helps these children get out of the factory and go back to school so that they too have a future. A child at Bridge School can be a child again and that is very important to us.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations (UN) in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

All our partners each have their own, unique mission to make the world a better place. Together with them, we address nearly all, if not all Sustainable Development Goals – how awesome!

Want to know more about the UN’s SDGs?