Handling and shipping BDeals B.V.


BDeals: BDeals B.V., established in Rotterdam under Chamber of Commerce number

Client: the person with whom BDeals has entered into an agreement.

Parties: BDeals and client together.


Delivery takes place at the address indicated by the client.

If the agreed amounts are not paid or are not paid on time, BDeals has the right to
suspend its obligations until the agreed amount has been paid.

Delivery time

The delivery times stated by BDeals are indicative and if they are exceeded, they do not
entitle the client to dissolution or compensation, unless the parties have expressly
agreed otherwise on paper.

Exceeding the specified delivery time does not entitle the client to compensation, nor
the right to dissolve the agreement, unless BDeals cannot deliver within 14 days after
receiving a written demand for this or the parties have agreed otherwise.

Right of withdrawal

The client has no right of withdrawal, unless there is damage to the delivered products
and this damage is due to the fault of BDeals.

If the client has the right of withdrawal according to the above, the costs of return will be
borne by BDeals.