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Customizable Cardprotector | Secrid

Make a lasting impression with this...

Customizable Mini Wallet | Secrid

Make a lasting impression with this...

Customizable Water Bottle | Kambukka

Time to say goodbye to disposable...

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Compose your own gift box or goodiebag with us or customize our BCustom product range with your own corporate identity/logo!

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We care about sustainability and the origin of the products in our gifts, which is why we only work with B Corp Certified brands and productsThis means that all our brands meet strict standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. In addition, all these companies each have their own, unique mission to make the world a better place.

Event or conference?

Are you in need of unique goodiebags for your event or conference? We are more than happy to help. From small sustainable goodies to customizable tote bags, anything is possible!  

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The B Deals team fulfilled our request in a record time and with great professionalism – and of course, what a treat to receive and offer products that are good for the world!
Saskia Rotshuizen
B Lab Europe
We are super happy with the personalized Kambukka bottles we ordered from BDeals. The quality is great, and knowing they were responsibly and sustainably sourced is even better. Thank you to B Deals also for their outstanding customer service! A truly great contact for corporate gifts.
Annabel Breu
We had a great experience working with the BDeals team! They provided wonderful customer service and shipped our orders in a timely manner. We look forward to working with the BDeals team on future orders.
Georgia Rounder
Eat Well Global
We are very enthusiastic about BDeals’ impact boxes. A breath of fresh air in the corporate gifts market with products sourced from B Corp certified companies. We are happy to support brands that are committed to a better world and contribute to a more sustainable world. We have received very positive reactions from our relations!
Anne-Marijn Bentum
All colleagues were pleasantly surprised with the Christmas package provided by BDeals! Fun, original, and sustainable products and they were able to create the personal message in a creative way. I can definitely recommend BDeals.
Karmijn Kapitaal
I was looking for an extra Christmas gift for our employees and saw this impact box. Fine sustainable products from beautiful companies that make an impact. And they were also delivered within a few days, top service.
Minne Lentz
Pleasant experience! Fast delivery and good quality products. We were allowed to put together the goodie bags with products ourselves and have our own logo with text printed on it.
Max Burgers
Van de Bunt Adviseurs